Tiny Footprints Gala

Tiny Footprints Gala

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Duo Grande

Duo Grande combines esteemed violinist Megan with award-winning instrumentalist Denis. 

A violin/piano partnership, this ensemble is available for weddings and other important events.

Denis Dufresne is a 7-time Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) winner for fiddler and special instrument of the year. Do you remember the world-famous fiddle sensation ‘Barrage’? Denis was part of the original cast that traveled the world, making headlines for five years. You might have been one of the tens of millions who watched their live debut concert on PBS. (you can find their concerts on video at Amazon). 

Today, as well as delighting audiences as part of GhostBoy, Denis plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar and does vocals for many of Canada’s top country and folk bands.

Megan Konschuh is an inspired and soulful performer who makes her home in Calgary Alberta. Her love of music started at a young age while watching her grandparents play the piano and violin together. 

Starting classical violin lessons at the age of 4, she quickly became an accomplished player both classically and as a fiddler. Megan had toured the globe extensively performing in Europe, South Korea, Monaco, and throughout the United States by the time she was 17. 

Living in Ireland for several years, she developed a love of Irish/Celtic style and now enjoys performing many genres of music from pop to rock, jazz, ragtime, bluegrass, and country. The Prince of Monaco, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the 18th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta are among the many audiences she has played for. 

Raised in a rural setting Megan believes in the importance of staying connected to her roots and the universality of music. Playing with energy and flair that audiences enjoy, she specializes in music for celebrations. She enjoys sharing her love of music with her students.