Tiny Footprints Gala

Tiny Footprints Gala

Live Art Piece

Krystelle Celestino Wurtz

Krystelle Celestino Wurtz is a Calgary based abstract artist who has been known to nurture people stories and encapsulate their personality in her paintings. Her process will take you on the bravest of adventures where your story is seen, heard and felt.

She is on a journey to pursue her wildest dream of being an artist. The moment she picked up a brush in high school she knew she was starting a lifelong love affair.

She loved everything from the feeling, to the messiness, to the symbolism of painting. She was drawn to the style of impressionism and fluid art because of the movement, texture, colour and feeling.

Since then painting has been such a big part of her life; how she reflects, how she feels emotions and how she uses her voice. She hopes to empower and impact others to share their stories.

She will be painting live with the guests of the gala event. The painting will be auctioned at the event.

When we are on a journey sometimes we feel like we are alone. I am here to remind you, you are not alone.

I know that these conversations are challenging and can bring up a lot of emotions, that is the power and importance to why they should be had. When people walk and journey together; stories and experiences of the community members’ are seen, heard and felt.

This is how we can bravely hold space for a supportive, caring and learning community to grow and thrive. My journey is not your journey AND we can walk this path together. The painting will be called “Together we can walk this path” and will be Monet inspired.